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The Anxious Physio Blog

My journey, stories, experience & lessons learned as a Physiotherapist

suffering from Anxiety in a crazy world where we look after others more than ourselves :)

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The Social Media Balance

As much as I love writing, 12 months ago I felt the need to withdraw from social media and take a step back to re-focus. Pandemic fatigue...

How do I tell my Boss I am Anxious?

As I start a new job I face the challenge of discussing my mental health with my peers. As an advocate for mental health awareness and...

Feeling Fragile

Difficult to write today. In the past I have written about things going well and when I felt good, reflecting on past experiences and how...

My New Normal

Myself and my brain have been awake since 4 am with whizzing anxiety fun and thoughts. As opposed to previous low mood anxiety, at...

Look After Yourself

The opening picture pretty much sums up the video blog (is that a vlog?) in its entirety: Friday fatigue No makeup (possibly yesterday’s...

From the Heart

At the start of this global pandemic, I went into therapist care mode. Trying to reassure friends and family and spending time...

Tales from Sheffield Hockey Club

As a fresh faced keen physio from Sheffield Hallam I was thrilled to get a job with Sheffield Hockey Club straight out of university. At...

Lets Take a Minute

Haven't written for a while but feeling inspired today following the Heads Up campaign at all FA Cup matches this weekend. Joining...

My Anxiety Storey

The Beginning I have always loved my job and felt lucky and privileged to have been given some great opportunities in sports medicine...

Sports Physio and a World of Anxiety

My sports physio career has been fabulous, exciting and has taken me all over the world. The side that sometimes you don't see, however,...

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I am passionate about helping anyone, chatting and progressing Mental Health care for therapists, so would love to hear from you.

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