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About Me

Jemma Oliver / Northern / 80's Child

As a passionate Physiotherapist, I have been blessed with some amazing work in private practice

and many different sports.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2007 having completed Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Met fresh from college.  On graduating, my goal / 5 year plan was to work at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  I worked hard getting as much experience as I could early on, which in turn gained me work with some great athletes and squads including, Sheffield Hockey Club, Hockey Wales, GB Volleyball, British Bobsleigh, England Athletics and British Athletics.

I loved my work and achieved my goal of being involved with London 2012 as a Physio and have since been to the Glasgow and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games with Team England.

I don't regret a single moment of my career and have had some amazing opportunities, but unfortunately the passion and drive for my work led to or suppressed some mental health issues that had remained hidden for a long time.  This I have battled with for many years and am grateful for the change in the stigma of late, that has allowed me to address something I have never wanted to admit.

As therapists, we so commonly do not consider our own physical health, let alone the mental health and I would desperately like to try and see if we can start to be more open, talk to each other and help ourselves more!

My blog posts are all from personal experience of working in the field of sport and everyday practice and if it helps just one more physio, I will be thrilled!

Thanks for reading :)


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