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Lets Take a Minute

Haven't written for a while but feeling inspired today following the Heads Up campaign at all FA Cup matches this weekend. Joining forces with a popular sport watched my millions across the world is the refreshing change that's needed in continuing the break the stigma of mental health.

Every FA Cup game this weekend will start 1 minute later, encouraging fans, viewers and everyone watching to take 60 seconds out to highlight that mental health is just as important as physical health and taking simple steps and a short time out can have a positive impact.

Everyone goes through highs and lows in life and over the past few years we have seen more and more people come forward and express the impact that mental health has on their daily life and career. Some cases more serious than others, as we continue to witness the devastating effect that struggling with mental health in silence can have on people's lives.

As a huge sport lover that has played a massive part of my life and career, campaigns like this one really resonate and inspire me to stay confident and believe that things really are starting to change. I am encouraged more and more everyday when I see events like this that I am not alone and even though things may be tough at the moment, I can take simple steps to help, I can talk to people and I am definitely not alone.

Thank you Heads Together and Mind!

This has had a massive impact and helped me today and I am sure many others.

#EveryMindMatters #HeadsTogether #Mind #HeadsUp #FACup #Football #Sport #MentalHealth

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